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Your brand is only as good as its reputation.

Your brand is only as good as its reputation.

Eighty-three percent of consumers say online reviews influence their perceptions about companies and 80% report that negative online comments changed their purchasing decision

With so much at stake, it’s important to monitor your company’s online reputation daily. Buzzdiggr social listening module helps you watch important industry websites, track key employee mentions and search for real-time social mentions and sentiment.

    Your new Lead generation channel.

    Your new Lead generation channel.

    Capture leads you didn't have access to before. Buzzdiggr listens to Q&A sites like Quora and other social forums, allowing you to spot any discussion or question that can be turned into an instant opportunity.

    By joining the discussion, your answer is available for anyone to read and someone may find it through search at a later date and become interested in your services.

      Use One Single Platform

      Use One Single Platform

      Your social channels are the easiest means for your customers to reach you. Buzzdiggr connects with all your social accounts, automatically tags them using our rules engine, and are available for you to respond and reply to.

      Operating your social customer care using Buzzdiggr will help you increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce customer support costs and drive customer advocacy.

        Be in the Know

        Be in the Know

        Better understand your market and your competitors. Buzzdiggr allows you to benchmark your performance against your competitors and always be aware of new market trends, any competitive promotions or offers.

        Our sentiment analysis engine will help you understand the perception of each of your competitors on the social web and where your stand in terms of online reputation.

          Find the Breaking Stories as They Happen

          Find the Breaking Stories as They Happen

          With our Real-time reporting capabilities, you can analysis the trending topics on the social media and web. Alerts can be set on specific events, like drastic sentiment changes, to help you act promptely on key events as they happen.

            Listen to the entire World wide web.

            Never miss a mention

            Get every tweet, every post and comment mentioning your brand on Facebook, Twitter and the entire web.

            ANALYSE + Visualize

            Turn your data into actionable insights. With 27 reports available, you can visualize the mentions in different dimensions.

            Publish to All your Channels

            Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus from one single platform with cross channels support and advanced scheduling capabilities

            Powered By Buzzdiggr NLP Engine

            中文, العربية, буряад, No matter what language your customers speak, Buzzdiggr captures mentions in 100+ languages and dialects. Our Natural Language Detection engine is able to detect the different dialects of the language, so you can capture Arabic with only a Moroccan or Gulf accent for example, powered by our proprietary Arabic NLP engine.

            Location filtering allows you to capture only whats relevant to your location. With filters on the country and city level, you have full control on the nature of mentions captured.

            • English
            • العربية
            • Français
            • Deutsch
            • Español
            • 日本語
            • Italiano
            • Português
            • Русский язык

            Informed Customers are Happy Customers

            • We now have access to social data we never aware it existed. Buzzdiggr is helping us get very timely feedback on our services and performance.

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