Combining Listening, Analysis, Publishing and Collaboration.


Get every tweet, every post and comment mentioning your brand on Facebook, Twitter and the entire web.


Turn your data into actionable insights. With 27 reports available, you can visualize the mentions in different dimensions.


Post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus from one single platform with cross channels support and advanced scheduling capabilities


With project based dashboards and custom user roles, our platform is built for collaboration and can support marketing and agencies work flows.

Listen in Realtime

Listen in real time, making your engagement both timely and relevant. With real time access to Twitter live stream, Facebook Graph API and the web, you are notified instantaneously whenever a mention happens.

Whether you would like to listen to a specific twitter handle, or track the mentions on a real time map, Buzzdiggr has many real time widgets that are available for use in your custom dashboards.

Cover Every Language

Capture mentions in 34+ languages and locations. Our Natural Language Detection engine is able to detect the different dialects of the language, so you can listen to only the Arabic with the Moroccan or Gulf accent for example.

Location filtering allows you to capture only whats relevant to your location. With filter on the country and city level, you have full control on the nature of mentions captured.

Data Sources

With Buzzdiggr you are not only listening to part of the social web, you are monitoring the whole world wide web. You can select the data sources to capture from including 10M+ of articles, news, images, videos, forums and blogs.

With Buzzdiggr Noise Reduction technology, all the date are checked for spam and duplicates, so you end up getting only the relevant information to analyse.

Analyze Your Data

Visualize the mentions segmented by gender, location, sentiment and much more using our powerful reporting engine.

Automated reporting and real-time alerts sent to your email with a weekly summary reports.

Sentiment Analysis

Find how your customers are mentioning your brand and get timely alerts on sudden mood changes.

Being the sole provider for Arabic Sentiment Analysis, Buzzdiggr can classify any social engagement smartly into positive, neutral and negative using our built-in context-aware Natural Language Processing engine.

Full Publishing Platform

Buzzdiggr has a full publishing platform, so you can listen, analyze and engage, all from the same application. With cross channel publishing
you can post to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus from one single panel.

Buzzdiggr scheduling capabilities allows you to set the frequency of your post and Buzzdiggr automatically handle the scheduling for your engagements.Target Posting selectively set a country or language to target to always make sure you’re publishing relevant content.